Public Health Informatics

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Public Health Informatics

Question 1

The New York Citywide Immunization Registry helps keep track of the status of immunization among children (PHDSC).

Question 2

The business process in the New York CIR is appropriate as it assures the consumers of valuable health care as it connects all clinical providers to exchange data on vaccination of children (PHDSC). The public health agencies and institutions will then receive this information and monitor the impact of the program in the entire state or city.

Question 3

The stakeholders of the New York CIR include consumers, clinical settings, educational institutions along with local and state agencies associated with public health (PHDSC).

Question 4

The clinical settings will utilize these records to examine the visiting patients’ status of vaccination to ensure that they have the received the scheduled service and use this as an opportunity to provide it (PHDSC). The schools, local and state agencies utilize this information to assess the entire state as a whole an areas that seem not to be receiving the essential service.

Question 5

Through the stakeholders listed, the providers of information and technology should be included in the clinical settings (PHDSC). It is through these IT specialists that will ensure that health providers will enable health workers to connect and exchange information from one institution to others.

Question 6

The New York CIR is involved explicitly in the generic cycle of collecting, analysis and reporting of data on immunization (PHDSC).

Question 7

The system of data recording and reporting is similar to the Blood Lead Test Reporting that serves children as the main consumers. Moreover, it exchanges the information to other stakeholders in a bid to prevent lead poisoning among residents in an area through alerts while health providers are able to better manage their patients.

Question 1: Chronic care system

Question 2: CRI

Question 3: MMIS

Question 4: Finds all records across accessible Modules

Question 5: Semantic interoperability

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