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Essay Writing Services - Your Necessary Evil

Writing companies are a necessary evil these days. You may not like the idea of hiring the services of an outside writer from a service, but with these companies you will get the expertise of a top essay writer, to take the hassle and stress of trying to get your own completed.

Paper writing services have been around for as long as there have been essays that needed writing. The problem is that they used to be considered to be cheating. These days a more relaxed and open view is taken about this. Writing assignments are now deemed to be part of the mainstream, everyday activities of college or university life.

We are just going to take a quick look at some aspects of these services and show you how you can use them to your best advantage. For more information see our take on all the issues at Essays.Solutions.


The whole gamut of online writing services is steeped in confusion and uncertainty. Sometimes it is even confusing for the very people who are engaged in the industry itself!  Luckily there is a plethora of information available to students these days on the Internet, and in reference libraries, which will help them to decide which services best match their needs.

These take the form of review websites which give easily digested summaries of the key points of each of the top essay writing service’s features. Websites such as ours at Essays.Solutions will give a more detailed explanation of all of these points, should you wish to look at them.

Engaging a writer from any writing company is not something to be undertaken without a great deal of thought and consideration.There are so many variables to think of, and it would be impossible to decide which option was the best for you unless you are prepared to undertake a reasonable amount of background research. The best essay writing service is not always apparent at first glance. This is because different providers specialize in particular subjects and academic levels. Essays.Solutions was put together as an answer to the problem of sorting the various companies into useful shortlists of viable options for students who are looking to place work, and do not really know how to go about doing this.

Accurate assessments

Talk to two hundred different students, and you will get two hundred different views on any particular subject. The same is true of such services 'reviews. What makes our approach at Essays.Solutions so different, is that we take away the emotional component of any interaction, by making sure that we deal only with the facts. By this, we mean that if a student should complain about a particular provider and the way in which they were let down at the last minute by them. It is entirely possible, for instance, that the student did not give the correct information for the essay writer, from the essay writing service, with enough time for the essay to be completed before the deadline was due. This is an example where a totally wrong impression is given, of what might be a perfectly valid and well-regarded company, through no fault of its own.

In compiling reviews, we have none of these issues - our involvement is always totally impartial - We have no ax to grind, nor do we favor any particular company over any other.Our brief is simple; we look at the following parameters to categorize each website and list the top essay writing services available in the marketplace today:

  • The site design and its usability
  • The level of grammar, spelling and content - easily understood and great copy
  • Load time and fast accessible links
  • Checking that any links and advertisements do not result in malware, pop-ups or other nasties
  • Original, informative and interesting blog and article pages
  • Policy pages which do not deceive or mislead and are written in language which is decipherable
  • Coherence - the whole site’s aims and objectives should be consistent throughout

Once you have looked at the actual website and its overall appearance and suitability it is time to see the content.

Essay Writing Service. Picking the right one for you

The most important aspect of the content is the essay writers themselves. Who is actually going to be doing this work for you? What are their qualifications? How are they selected, and how do I pick a specific one to do a job for me?

There is no common answer to those questions.The best companies will set out for you all of the necessary information you will need to make this choice. Academic writing services are becoming better at matching students to experts as their databases expand.

Not only are the custom essay writing service providers becoming better at matching the services to the clients; but also, because of the continually changing educational landscape, there are a greater number of subjects which are now covered. Disciplines which did not exist, just a few years ago, such as media studies and contemporary music studies, are sufficiently popular and advanced that experts are available to assist in writing papers and essays at all levels, on these subjects.

The major reason for using expert writing services is the inside knowledge and expertise that the writer brings; especially the knowledge of how the marking and grading of papers are done. Having someone with this expertise is invaluable during the preparation of your essay or paper regardless of whether they write the final piece. For an overview of the type and scope of expertise available for you chosen subject, please see Essays.Solutions.

Total flexibility

The most common types of paper requested by students are, of course, essays, research papers, and surprisingly, MA theses. As for subjects that the students struggle with most commonly, papers for business, English language and, again, surprisingly, management courses, are the most requested.

The beauty of using specialist is that once written, the piece is always well-researched, properly referenced with a complete bibliography and is a unique product which will pass any plagiarism test. The student can submit the paper as if it were written by him or herself, and has the right to use it as a source for another paper or study.

Writing services providers know which subjects and papers are most sought after and will, of course, load those prices accordingly. This is something that you need to be aware of when researching the cost of engaging a writing company. 

The best providers usually have drop-down menus which have the types of paper provided. These include; academic paper writing, rewriting, math, physics, and economics problems; proofreading, editing and copywriting; admission services, dissertation services and resume/CV completion as well as multiple choice questions, as standard fare. To find out about some of the more exotic offerings there are telephone customer support lines, email, and live chat rooms where knowledgeable and helpful staff can find further details. Payment systems are easy to navigate, and most offer the standard currencies such as the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the euro, British sterling, and the Australian dollar. All the main credit cards and PayPal are accepted. For more on this aspect of our service to students, please see our website at Essays.Solutions

They want your business

Because of the highly competitive nature of the sector, most of the top services offer free features. These may include free outlines, free unlimited amendments, free title pages, free bibliographies, free formatting, and lastly free plagiarism checks, which ensure that the papers are checked to confirm their originality and that they have unique content.

Online writing services charge premium rates for work which is subject to tight deadlines. The timeframes offered usually run between 14 days and anything up to 6 hours before the paper is needed. For obvious reasons, the paper with the six-hour deadline would be charged at a higher rate than the one that has a 14 day completion time.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all the major companies offer discounts along the lines of:

  • 5% off for over 15 pages or $399 spent
  • 10% off for 50 pages or $599 spent
  • 15% off for 100 pages or $799 spent

Allied to these discounts is an eligibility for 15% lifetime discounts if 100 pages or more have been ordered or $799 has been spent.

These examples have been given just to give you a flavor of what is available in the marketplace. Offers like these vary from time to time, and according to which of the online writing service providers you are looking at.

Essays.Solutions provides an overview of what is currently on offer. Grab a bargain while you can!

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