Upon placing an order with Essays.Solutions, a customer accepts, without exception, the conditions outlined in this disclaimer: 

Use of Product: The foremost objectives, for the results produced for any customer such as examples or samples of educational research and writing, research, and the study of structural and appropriate content, and are not meant to be presented as his/her work.

Customer Contact: It’s the responsibility of the customer to provide current their contact and information to Essays.Solutions. If the information is not accurate, it may result in a delay or the failure of delivery, and the Company does not accept responsibility in these instances.

Cancelation of an Order: If a customer cancels an order, after payment has been made, these conditions will be applied:

  • The refund amount is based upon the progress that has been achieved in the order.  If the order has been allocated to a writer, and some of the work has been completed, the refund will be determined according to the amount of work done.
  • If a customer requests and receives a refund, he/she will have the choice of utilizing the refund towards a future order.


Use of Resource Materials: 

The writer will use the most appropriate, relevant, and current resource information or material requested by the customer.  Should the writer be unable to acquire simple and free access to the research sources needed, the customer will have two choices:

  • The Customer can provide the information needed by uploading it on his/her account page.
  • The customer can pay an additional fee to acquire the needed research information.


If a delay occurs due to the lateness of receiving the resources from the customer, Essays.Solutions is not responsible for the delay of the completed work.

Provision of Instruction by the Customer:

When placing an order, the Customer assumes full responsibility to provide all details, complete all areas of the order form and include any additional instructions. If more information is needed by the writer, he/she will immediately contact the customer. The customer has the responsibility to respond quickly, so production is not delayed.

NonPlagiarism Clause:

Essays.Solutions writers are bound by their contract to produce only entirely original work.  A plagiarism scan report is included with the delivery of the complete project. However, if for some reason, plagiarism is discovered by the customer, any revisions will be free of charge. 

Issues with Technology: 

Essays.Solutions is not responsible or liable for any issues that may arise from technical or electronic failures or the Internet provider used by the customer.


With the placement of an order and the automatic acceptance of this disclaimer, the customer is providing permission to charge his/her credit card for the payment of the full amount of the order.

Delivery Deadline Delays: 

When accepting an order, Essays.Solutions is also accepting the deadline set by the customer. However, will not be held liable for or responsible for a late delivery based on the following:

  • If the billing information of the customer is not verifiable and customer fails to respond immediately with the requested verification, the order will not commence.
  • If the customer fails to react quickly to any and all requests from the writer and production is delayed; Essays.Solutions is not responsible for delays and refunds will not be considered.
  • If a customer requests significant changes in the instructions of the order, the delivery time could be affected.  


Customer’s Academic Level: It is the responsibility of the customer to present the correct academic level of the customer when the order is placed.  Failure to do so could result in an additional fee.

Support Staff: Customer service will answer all calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will connect the customer to the support staff.  If there is a problem with delivery, the customer must notify the support staff immediately.

Binding Laws: The Customer is responsible for abiding by any local, state, county, territory or country statutes related to purchases made online and the use of any services related to academic writing. 

Customer Privacy: The customer’s information is never revealed to anyone outside of the Company. The customer understands that the Company’s use of cookies is for the sole purpose of personalizing his/her experience on the website.  

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