Summer Programs for High School Students, Yea, or Nay?

Posted: May 25, 2016 - to Education
Content summer programs for high school students  yea  or nay

Graduation is over and the competition for college admissions is on fire across the country. Parents are scrambling to find as much help as possible for their kids in the way of tutors, practice tests, and coaches to help them choose summer internships or classes, which can be expensive.

The schools that are most desired by students and parents, have been leasing their campuses for over 30 years. This gives the high school students an opportunity to see what campus life is like before the halls are filled with students in the upcoming fall semesters. Schools like Brown and Harvard have begun their own programs of this type.

Nervous parents have the idea that if they put their children in these costly programs, which can range from 6-11,000 dollars for 4 to 7 weeks of admission, they will have a better chance registering at the upper-status schools. However, admission officers have reported that these programs really don’t give students any more advantage than someone that does not attend the summer programs.

The primary advantage is the opportunity to learn to manage their time, and start taking needed courses earlier than their peers. There also may be specialized programs offered during the summer months that are not available during the regular school session. This would be a good time for a student to take a college writing course to prepare for the extensive type of writing that they may not have been exposed to during high school.

But is a summer program absolutely necessary? Many students want this time to relax before heading off to college. Parents may not be able to afford to have their kids attend these summer programs, although asking about scholarships is an option. So how do you decide if this is what you should do in your child’s case?

If financing is the problem, there are many Community Colleges in your area that also run summer programs that can prepare your student for the rigors of college life. This option keeps them happy because they are not away from home yet and get to spend the summer with their friends before they leave for University, and the cost will be considerably less than the prestigious colleges that they are possibly preparing for.

If your mind is still set on sending your child to a prestigious summer school program, there are some that are not just out there as magnets to get your cash. There are some that select the students based on their merit and you can get your kids in free, or low cost. Although as we said earlier, it will not make a big difference if they attend the programs when it comes to the application process, it will look good to have their summer activity on the application.

Here we have gathered some of the best summer pre-college programs that invite high school students for you to consider:

Center for Excellence in Education

Eighty of the top high schoolers in the world are invited here at MIT for the Research Science Institute summer program each year, and it is free.

Foundation for Teaching Economics

Are you raising the next Wall Street King? Then you may want to consider this program. It is led by some of the top economics professors across the country that come together to teach the best of the best. There is still room to join in.

Indiana University Young Women’s Institute

Although the application process is now closed for this program for young women for the summer of 2016, it is intended for high school juniors. The Application for the 2017 program will be open in the spring of 2017. Keep this on your calendar and prepare your young lady for a career in business, and tell her to keep her grade point average at 3.5 or above to be accepted.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MITES

Get your child in for the summer of 2017. This is one of the best programs for high achieving underprivileged children, and it is free. This gives a minority intro to Engineering and Science course for 6-weeks. All cost is covered by the founders except travel expense.

Ohio State University – Ross Mathematics Program

This is a highly competitive school. Only one-third of applicants get in each year to their 6 -week rigorous program based on mathematical theory and ideas. If your child is a mathematical inclined individual and you want it to get help with math problems, this may be the summer program you have been looking for. They do not believe in pitting the children in contests and competitions against one another, but have a collaborative conceptual approach to learning that is needed in today’s business world.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp

Stanford has one of the pricier tuitions fees on this list, costing $6500 for 4 weeks of math camp. The deadline has passed but will open in the spring for the summer of 2017.

University of Notre Dame – Leadership Seminar

High-5 to Notre Dame for having this program for students. It is absolutely free, and the school pays for travel expenses also. Each year 100 students are chosen. Get your child’s application in for the 2017 summer session. Find out when it opens by visiting their site. There is an application fee, nonrefundable of 50.00, and an acceptance fee of 150.00 if your child is accepted into the program.

University of Pennsylvania – Leadership in the Business World

High school juniors are invited here yearly to attend one of the leading business camps in the United States. Established in 1999 LBW has been the go to business summer session for students from over 6 continents. It is reported that the leadership skills gained here are beyond compare. It is sponsored by the Wharton School of Business on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Your child will have hands on experience as they visit businesses throughout the Philadelphia area while guided by Wharton’s top business Professors and business leaders.

Many of the schools on the list are generated so that you can get ready for the 2017 summer session. When it comes to your child’s education, nerves are often frazzled this time of year, but keep in mind that your child works hard to get those good grades, and they also need down time to be well rounded stable individuals. If your child/ young adult is leaning towards wanting some time off, give it to them. You can let the reigns loose a little now that they have achieved so much. Give them some room with the stipulation that they keep up with their reading and math by doing exercises that they can find online free of charge during the summer months. Everyone needs a vacation even young ones.

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