How To Improve Your Writing Skills With Digital Gaming

Posted: June 10, 2016 - to Tips
Content gaming increase writing skills

Digital Games that Improve Your Writing Skills

With statistics projecting that $5.5 billion will be going into the gamification market by 2018, it is no wonder that professional writers are finding ways through the gaming community to help them keep up with the ever growing demands of content creation.

It is becoming the norm for schools, businesses, and the average homemaker to use a form of gamification for everything from eLearning to recipe development. 80% of gamers report through surveys that they would be more productive if how they learned a subject was presented through some type of game platform.

When a writer gets writers block, gamification software intended for writing can motivate their creativity and help with grammar and usage problems.

Editors today know that there are no real secrets to successful edits, it’s all in the digital gaming software that they access. Developers scramble each year to come up with the latest greatest gaming software that will flood the market, competing for their share of that projected income of $5.5 billion.

College writing has never been easier for students that take the time to do their research. Not only are there writing services that can create custom essays for them, they can also access many gaming sites to improve their writing so they can eventually master their own writing.

We searched the Internet for some of the best digital gaming software and came up with the following tips. We also realized that some things need to be done without the gaming involved.

750 Words

I personally love this site. As a content creator it challenges you to keep up a 750 word count a day, and it helps you to focus on the writing. Finding your flow can be difficult sometimes, but when you are faced with a blank page that challenges you to write in a game platform, your senses peak up and you are ready to go. Visiting this site, it gets your fingers moving much like when you go to the gym and you have to warm up. The goal is 750 words a day or more. They say that if you do something for 18 days or longer, it becomes second nature, so writing 750 words a day will surely increase your writing ability.

Vocabulary Practice

Even the most seasoned professional writers need to relearn the rules sometimes. Here at Glencoe you can go and click on different subjects that you may need a refresher course in, such as context, understanding compound words and using multiple meanings of words. Save this one in your bookmarks; you will be going back.

Essay Punch

We found the interactive exercises that provide step by step instruction on this site fun and engaging. The site gives writers lessons in organizing, editing, publishing and rewrites of essays. They also had an available advice gadget named Merit that you can ask questions while you are taking doing your lessons. You can access their other software programs, Paragraph Punch and Book Punch, which were equally engaging from this link.

Time 4 Writing

Develop better writing skills by watching videos, presentations and playing games at time 4 writing. These courses are not free; it is an 8-week course with a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Reward System

This is one that you do for yourself. Set a goal for the day, 1 article, 2 articles, maybe 3. If you finish, reward yourself with something special. A night out on the town, or maybe a long hot bath in a hotel room with no-one around. I personally like the latter one.


The best way to become a better writer is to read, read, read! We had a student tell us she wanted to be an English major because she loved writing but didn’t want to have to read. All of our mouths fell open not knowing what to tell her. There is no way around reading to promote great writing. You have to expose yourself not to just one genre of literature in order to become a great writer, and you must be able to read extensively, not just now and then. Many English Majors are known to have read 15-20 books per semester. These books may cover poetry, and surveys of English literature, British literature, and more. You can listen to many books on audio but there is nothing like picking up a book and devouring it for a writer to gain writing experience. You get to see the structure of how the book is written, how dialog is placed within a page and more. So, read!

Online Workshops

One of the favorite things to do for a writer is critique other writers, although they hate to kill their own little darlings. Join a writing online workshop and get free critiques from other writers from all over the world. Join challenges, contests, create a blog and receive prompts to write every day.

Quick Sprout

If you are in need of suggestions to write about then this idea generator is for you. It latches onto your blog to give insight into what your writing is doing out there in the big web. It also has the capability to track your competitors so you can get a report of how they are doing and what is working on their sites. Then you can use some of the same types of articles on your site.

Pro Writing Aid

Get this software if you can afford the yearly fee. There is a free version that gives you up to 19 reports on your finished writing, but the premium edition has unlimited scans for plagiarism and interactive editing tools. There are over 50 different test that it runs on your writing and you can edit through your word processor or on their site. Every writer needs a software that helps like Pro Writing Aid if they are not using a custom writing service.

These tips will help your writing improve if used each day. The old adage stands strong, practice makes perfect. If you write every day, your grammar will grow, your style of writing will grow, and your typing speed will definitely increase. Write on!

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