Medium when you need professional help   10 steps to get the best service
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By: PatrickNovember 12, 2017
When You need professional Help – 10 Steps to Get the Best Service

Whether it’s a car/home repair, a legal matter, a web design, or the need for a doctor or dentist, you want to find a professional who is an expert, who treats you well, and who delivers what is promised. So, where do you begin to look for those services when you have not used them before or you are new to a city and know no one?

Medium 10 proofreading tips for strong college essays
November 16, 2016
10 Proofreading Tips For Strong College Essays

Proofreading your college essays is an important step before its submission. However, it is often undervalued and even overlooked leading to lower grades or missing your target grade.

Medium writing a cause and effect essay   everything you need to know
October 12, 2016
Writing a Cause and Effect Essay – Everything You Need to Know

A cause and effect essay explains events and situations and answers what caused them and what resulted from them accordingly. Writing this essay is not difficult, you just have to follow writing tips and learn everything you have to know from this article.

Medium how to write a reflective essay tips for format  topics  examples
August 01, 2016
How to write a reflective essay? Tips For Format, Topics, Examples

Writing a reflective essay might be harder than you think. Consider that reflective essay topics cover your own experiences and practical situations in which you found yourself instead of writing about research. This gives quite a bit of students a lot of trouble. Writing about you should be easier than writing about some scientific topic that requires lots of research, right? Yes and no.

Medium gaming increase writing skills
June 10, 2016
How To Improve Your Writing Skills With Digital Gaming

With statistics projecting that $5.5 billion will be going into the gamification market by 2018, it is no wonder that professional writers are finding ways through the gaming community to help them keep up with the ever growing demands of content creation.
It is becoming the norm for schools, businesses, and the average homemaker to use a form of gamification for everything from eLearning to recipe development.

Medium 7 tips on writing perfect content
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By: PatrickApril 06, 2016
7 Tips on Writing Perfect Content

When a company makes the decision to remodel their website, they need first to decide on a new design. Once that’s done, the one thing missing is the content. There’d be no point in using the old content on the new website. There are some splendid sites out there, but the company wants theirs to be unique and perfect. They start to wonder how they’re going to create amazing content for their website.

Medium 10 simple edits that ll instantly improve any piece of writing content
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By: PatrickApril 04, 2016
10 Simple Edits That'll Instantly Improve Any Piece of Writing Content

Few writers know that their writing heroes can’t write any better than they can. Their first draft can be clumsy and hard to follow. So, why does is their end product so much better? When the rough draft is completed, the real work is just beginning. Now it’s time to transform this draft into a well-polished piece of content.

Medium choosing topis for college essay essayssolutions
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By: PatrickFebruary 25, 2016
How to choose a topic for college essay

Inspiration, ingenuity, and memorability are the most essential aspects to remember when choosing a college essay topic. Take some time to plan what you want to say and discover ways to make it crisp, novel, and personal.
Knowing how diverse topics of college essays work will make the project seem less daunting.

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