7 Tips on Writing Perfect Content

Posted: April 06, 2016 - to TipsBy: Patrick
Content 7 tips on writing perfect content

When a company makes the decision to remodel their website, they need first to decide on a new design. Once that’s done, the one thing missing is the content. There’d be no point in using the old content on the new website. There are some splendid sites out there, but the company wants theirs to be unique and perfect. They start to wonder how they’re going to create amazing content for their website. They need to keep in mind these guidelines before beginning their project.

  • Represent the Product – Write a compelling argument as to why this product is the best.
  • Treat Customers with Respect – Treat clients with dignity to gain their trust.
  • Always be Authentic – Be faithful to the company, be conversational, and be yourself.
  • Build Trust with Customers – Know your product and point out your expertise.

When writing the perfect content for the audience that’s being targeted, it’s harder for the smaller businesses.  But it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and the company doesn’t need to hire an outsider to do the job.  Just take some time first to understand the audience and do some research.  Then follow these 7 tips on how to write the perfect content.

1. Do the Research

It’s important to know exactly what the targeted audience is thinking and what they need.  Without doing the proper research, marketers can get into trouble because they are merely pretending they know who the audience should be.   In order to succeed, the potential customers need to be completely understood, so the company knows how to be of service to them. 

Once the targeted audience is identified, the content needs to be written directly to them.  Don’t write what the company thinks the customers want to know or what they think they should know.  The best idea is to consider three of the company’s best clients.  Go over what questions they may have had; find out what they need, and how the products and services of the company helped them.  Then address the content to meet their questions and ease any fears.

2. The Headline Counts for 80%

Overall, there are five times as many users reading the headlines as opposed to the rest of the content.  They are considered to be the magic bullet, and this is the one place where it has to be perfect.  The headline has to be the strongest part of the copy to draw in the readers.  It’s important to include a strong benefit that entices users to read more.  Try finding some samples on the Internet as some websites offer them at no cost.

3. Make the Content Short and Easy to Absorb

Most people can think of a lot to say about their company but need to reign themselves in when writing the content for their website.  They need to understand that people read differently on the Internet.  They rarely read all of the words but only skim the content quickly to pick up an idea of what’s being said.  They ignore everything except the bits of information that interest them. 

The content needs to be concise, easy to digest, and short with just a few paragraphs.  Then go into more depth, on the company’s blog, about the technical details and the industry.  To write great content, a person needs to take time and use their energy and creativity.  Spend whatever time it takes to get it right.

4. Convey Why You Do It and Why They Should Buy

The website needs to explain to the readers what the company does.  However, it’s more important to tell them why the company does it.  People will always connect with the why and not the what.  So, before writing amazing content, decide why the company does it. 

5. Paint a Picture for Them

Remember, if it isn’t creative, it won’t sell, but that doesn’t mean it should be funny, cute, innovative, or original.  People don’t take the time to read the ads, and because they’re usually in a rush, they just glance quickly before moving on.  If the intention isn’t apparent in an instant, they probably won’t see it, and this user may be gone forever. 

If a company wants new customers, they need the people to visualize themselves using the product.  And then all of their questions need to be answered.  To do this, the content has to be informative enough to get them to buy.

6. Tell a story

Whether people know it or not, everyone is a natural storyteller.  They connect with each other through stories.  So, try telling a story in the content and it will be much easier than writing content explaining the business.  Be sure to address the customers’ persona’s discomfort, show the why, and then tie it up with what and how.

7. Proofread and Edit

After the content has been completed, and before putting it on the website, it has to be proofread and edited.   It’s so unprofessional for any website to be full of grammatical and spelling errors.  It’s a good idea, after the writing is done, to leave it for a couple of days.  Then go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes to improve it one more time.


It’s not that difficult to write amazing content for your targeted audience, but it will take some time.  When putting to use, the tips above, and taking the time to be creative, your website will become more than could have been imagined.


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