10 Proofreading Tips For Strong College Essays

Posted: November 16, 2016 - to Tips
Content 10 proofreading tips for strong college essays

Proofreading your college essays is an important step before its submission. However, it is often undervalued and even overlooked leading to lower grades or missing your target grade.

Proofreading is a step that any student or writer should take before even considering their college essay as completed. After all, no first drafts are ever perfect no matter how skilled you are in writing.

The ultimate goal of proofreading my paper is to ensure that I do not have any grammar or spelling error on my college essay. Ideally, you proofread once you are done editing it.

The problem is, some students actually do not know how to start and often find themselves asking the question, “How to proofread an essay?” This article should serve as a guide for you to learn and master the art of proofreading.

How To Proofread A Paper

Before we get started to the actual proofreading checklist, you might want to learn about a couple of preparatory acts and some proofreading tips.

1.Detach yourself from your college essay.

Editing and proofreading are best done after a short detachment from the essay you just finished. The reason for this is that it will be easier for you to find the errors which you will otherwise overlook when you proceed immediately. Give it a few hours or wait overnight before you proceed.

2.Decide which mode you want to proofread your college essay with.

You have a choice between printing out your draft or using your computer to proofread your essay. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this as it is purely discretionary. Choose which mode you are most comfortable with or most accessible to you. Additionally, you also have to decide on the venue where you will be proofreading your essay. Some prefer quiet places to crowded places and then some prefer the other way around. Just like the mode, this is also purely discretionary. So choose what you think works best for you.

3.You can choose to employ an essay proofreading service.

Some students actually choose to just hire an essay proofreading service to save time and effort, especially during finals season. There are many benefits to it including the fact that it can serve as the “fresh eyes” required for proofreading. This makes it easier for them to spot your mistakes because they do not have any attachment whatsoever to your college essay. If you do not have the money to spend for it, you can even proofread essay online for free.

4.Remember to edit first before proofreading.

Some students actually make the common mistake of proofreading it first before editing. This might be counterproductive because every time you modify and revise you sentences and paragraph, you will have to proofread it as well. It saves time and effort then to edit it first before proofreading it.

5.Start proofreading in part and then in whole.

Proofreading can get a little overwhelming especially for long college essays that students tend to panic. The trick is to start proofreading one sentence at a time. You do not have to rush it and avoid having to rush it by actually planning your college essay ahead of time instead of cramming it.

6.Check one category at a time.

Proofreading requires a student to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. If it confuses you to do everything at once, you can check one category at a time starting with the easiest or hardest, depending on your choice. Once you master the art of proofreading, you will be able to do everything at once but just like any other, you have to start somewhere if you are new at how to proofread

7.Ask your family and friends to proofread your essay for you.

There is no shame at actually asking your family members and friends to check your college essay for you especially if they have time to spare. They can serve as fresh eyes for you, too. In fact, they can even provide suggestions on how to improve your essay and make it the best college essay it can be.

8. Use the Internet to look up for the rules.

Luckily for you, everything is available on the Internet. When in doubt with regard to your grammar and spelling, you can always look it up on the web and read on the rules to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Of course, not all sources on the Internet is going to be reliable so choose the websites that are popular and familiar to you. This way you are assured that you are reading only the correct stuff.

9.Pick only a few people to proofread your college essay.

While we have mentioned asking your family members, friends, and even some online proofreading services, this does not mean that you have to ask everyone. Ask only a few people to do it for you because no matter how you or they think that they are experts in proofreading, everyone is going to have their own perception of what the rules are. To avoid getting confused as to which is which, it might be best to have your college essay checked by a small number of trusted people.

10.Secure your college essay.

Once all the hullabaloo is done, do not forget to secure your copy of it. Save it in multiple files or better yet have a printed copy of it. Some students actually miss out on their deadlines because of some technical difficulties that could have been avoided. When drafting your college essay, make it a habit of saving the document as often as possible just in case your laptop dies on you or whatnot. Be cautious at all times.

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