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An essay’s a written paper that systematically examines and assesses a theme or topic.  Primarily, an essay is intended to get the student’s intellectual opinion on a particular issue.

Many students are puzzled about what a “'opinion” is in academic writing and feel that academic writing ought to report the facts and forget about their opinion altogether.  However, there are significant differences between academic ideas and personal views.  And, these must be understood when crafting an essay.

It’s not just about evaluating and re-stating current ideas when writing an impressive essay.  It should be the use of various opinions, along with points of view, in an argument being put forward that reflects the student’s point of view.  It’s crucial that a student has a clear idea of the following before beginning:

  1. Think about the topic – Clear ideas
  2. Have strong views on position and argument
  3. Defend with proof and argumentative reason

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To write an essay, the topics of the above list need to be broken down to format the best essay.  There are different formats to use depending on the school or university, and the appropriate one needs to be strictly followed.  There are certain steps that need to be taken before producing the final written college essay.

10 Steps to Writing a Strong Essay

  1. Analyze the question
  2. Brainstorm your thoughts
  3. Explore and Research the topic
  4. Form an opinion and argument statement
  5. Do the calculation
  6. Outline the thoughts and ideas before
  7. Write one paragraph at a time and review
  8. Produce introductions and closings   
  9. Edit and refine
  10. Use a checklist for the final review

After understanding the steps needed, a student may begin to understand how difficult it might be to write the essay, and turns to the Internet. They’re looking for assistance in writing this important essay. 

How an essay should be formatted

An essay is a very organized piece of writing and should consist of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  The introduction and conclusion act as the frame for an essay, while the actual work is executed in the body.

  • Introduction - Usually the first informing the reader about the topic, why the discussion is important to have and provides a “chart” of the argument.
  • Body - All these paragraphs are set between the introduction and conclusion. This is where the argument is laid out.
  • Conclusion - The final paragraph summarizes the argument.

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There’s a set of guidelines and rules that have to be followed when composing an essay.  Now might be the time to get serious about using a writing service for this writing task.

All essays use the following set of rules and directives:

  1. There are no sub-heads.
  2. They are made up entirely of text with no lists using bullet marks or numbers.
  3. They are written in paragraphs –indent first line with a blank space between paragraphs.
  4. They should observe the word count allowed – can vary + or – 10%.
  5. They should be printed with black ink on white paper.
  6. They should be printed using Times New Roman or Arial in 12 points.
  7. They must have either 1.5 or double line spacing.
  8. They should have a margin of at least 2.5 cm all round.
  9. The pages should be numbered consecutively.
  10. They are argumentative, so don’t use pictures.
  11. Do not use italics, bolding or underlining.
  12. They must include a Bibliography or Reference List.

Now, it should make sense why a student would look for an online paper writing service. After reading the ten steps to writing a strong essay and the 12 set rules and guidelines, it’s understandable. It’s very difficult gathering the information and outlining what a student wants to put into this important piece of work, much less having to write it himself.  So, after all of this work, why not let a professional fine tune, format, and write the essay that will ensure a better grade or entrance to a college or university.

Why Buy an Essay Online

Online writing service is one of the most significant and fastest growing commerce on the Internet. Regardless of technology, students are still required to originate academic papers for their teachers, instructors, and professors. And the grades received on these essays are an important part of their final grade. The essay paper needs to be of sound writing with specific formatting and when a student isn’t confident in his writing – he seeks for a service to buy a paper from.

This service gives a student piece of mind that the essay is of the highest quality and allows him the time to prepare the information he wants to be portrayed. His information is then written in the appropriate format featuring his ideas, facts, opinions, and arguments.

When looking to buy custom essays online, some research needs to be done.  Look for a reputable company offering professional writers that will produce the highest quality and original work. It’s imperative to make sure the company provides papers that are plagiarism free.

5 Things to Look For When a Student Buys Essays Online

When searching the web for any product or service, its human nature to usually look for the least expensive.  And, students looking to buy essay online are no different!  However, in this situation, a low price can mean cheap quality.  The more inferior services of these websites offer academic writing products from their databases which have been sold over and over again.  They have absolutely no misgivings when they put a student’s career in jeopardy.  By selling them a paper that’s been used by someone else, the student is subject to plagiarism charges. 

So, if a student is looking to buy essay online and cares about the original quality provided, here are some tips to assist in the selection of a trustworthy company online:

  1. Carefully check out the company’s website to make sure proper English is used – Their use of English will reflect in the finished paper.
  2. Make sure it has a “live” contact – The opportunity to discuss details with the writer is imperative. Otherwise, working with them means they’re re-selling the same papers again and again. 
  3. Carefully read the fine print concerning the terms, conditions, warranties, and guarantees. Never buy essays or any other writing from a company that will not allow transparency.
  4. Do not buy an essay paper or any other writing from a business that will not allow transparency.
  5. Expect the opportunity to review finished product and the right to revisions.

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